Krabloonik critics may get louder |

Krabloonik critics may get louder

Dear Editor:With regards to Dennis Goldman’s letter to the editor on Wednesday, June 29 – yes, sadly, the only issue that was addressed by Dan MacEachen at Krabloonik was that the dogs that were shot in the back of the head and tossed into a pit of their own feces are now not shot, but they are tossed directly at Seth Sachson and his already over-burdened shelter. Mr. MacEachen doesn’t have to pay a nickel for the care and upkeep of the retired/ unwanted dogs that he brought – and will guiltlessly continue to bring – into this world. He doesn’t even pay or help to defray the cost to spay and neuter them! What a prince! He’s actually getting off cheaper now than when he shot them! And he only charges nearly $300 per person to ride his sled – about four to a sled. He must be so poverty stricken – because if he wasn’t, that would mean he is a soulless jackass.Those amazing, hard-working, deserving dogs are still tethered on the shortest chains allowed by law from April till December (if we even have snow by then), with very little or zero shelter from the elements. I bet it’s not stifling at all wearing a double-thickness fur coat in this weather, at this altitude. Not that he cares. I’m sure the dogs are all walked several times a day … all 250-plus of them (insert eyeroll here). The state inspected his doggie prison camp in April and his rudimentary shelter was apparently barely enough (with some recommendations) to keep him from having to institute more humane conditions (how pathetic are our laws?) – so he isn’t! I hope before the winter tourist season falls upon us, some progress will have been made to give those beautiful and very hard-working animals a modicum of comfort and a better life. If not, I, and others, intend to get louder.Kelley FlockAspen

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