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Kool-Aid tax in the works for Aspen

Dear Editor:

A stupid tax is in the works – the new short-term Aspen lodging homeowner tax. The tax is said by planning to perhaps “capture” $250,000 in revenue annually from the 200 or so owners that rent their properties on a short-term basis. This new idea will bring with it: new licenses, new rules, new fines, and new government employees to collect and enforce and tag violators.

Add in the salaries for these enforcement officers, their housing and the like and what will the net gain be? No doubt, it will be a net loss. The loss will come in many forms, dollars and otherwise including the freedoms, and hassles of compliance with new rules, and perhaps the ability for many to continue owning their free-market property of those who are not the super rich, who collect a little extra revenue by renting their condo or home themselves.

The cost in addition to squeezing out more of these do-it-yourself folks, the tiny Aspen middle class, will be in housing stock and other resources that will be devoted to the proposed new department. It probably will force a several folks over time to let go of their free-market places and instead to chose the easier route of buying or renting a less expensive deed restricted units which will be another unaccounted for cost of this proposal.

This proposal reminds me of the juvenile Kool-Aid stand accounting where 100 percent profits are recognized because the vendor only looks at the money coming in since they took the table, chair, cups, and Kool-Aid mix, and sugar for free out mom and dad’s pantry. This is a bad idea Aspen.

Mark Kwiecienski


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