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Kole responds

I feel a need to respond to your letter above.

First, the subject of your letter relates to a problem four years ago. The problem was what to do about the noon basketball game if the Red Brick gym was turned entirely over to the gymnastics program.

Yes, I was at the meeting along with four other representatives of the noon game. But not one of the basketball players ever suggested or wanted to hurt the gymnastics program.

As a matter of FACT it was I, along with Melissa Temple of the Aspen Club, Boogie, and the recreation department staff, that found a solution benefiting everyone, a good example of people working together for a common goal.

Finally, I am forced to address the insinuation that I am not pro-kids. In your letter you said, “I think it would be a travesty to elect a mayor who would put a dozen men ahead of so many of our kids.” I agree with you. To elect anyone to office that is not in touch with the problem of our children would be a travesty.

For that reason I suggest you visit the set of my television show and talk to any of the kids that work for me, or if time is tight, call Jackie at the Buddy Program, 920-2130; or Denise at Aspen Grassroots Experience, 925-6651; or Chad at the recreation department, 920-5140; or Kat at the Art Museum, 925-8050; or Tom Farrell, Superintendent of Schools, 925-3760; or any number of other local organizations.

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I am sure you will discover that I volunteer my time and am very involved with the kids in Aspen.

Stan, I am truly sorry you feel the way you do and would welcome an opportunity to sit down and talk with you to clear up any misconceptions you might have about me.

Andrew Kole

Mayoral candidate