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Kole ready for runoff

Dear Editor:

First, I support Andrew Kole as our next mayor. I know him to be hard working, direct, and open minded, a rare combination. I also know he is very serious about this election as demonstrated by his campaign.

I believe the mayor’s race could easily end up in a runoff, so, if you are not sold on Mick, and believe there might be a runoff, the question is: Who between Ruth and Andrew would be a better mayor, and who has the best chance to unseat him?

Ruth has admitted, “I has been in hibernation for the last four years.” Not what I want to hear from someone running for mayor.

Andrew has been very active for many years, and knows the issues.

Running a meeting has been a topic of conversation. If you have watched any of the forums/debates, it is obvious Andrew has the skill to get to the point and move forward without lecturing.

If there is a runoff, I believe Andrew versus Mick would be very interesting. Andrew is not afraid to challenge Mick on the facts, his attitude, and his decisions over the last four years.

Karen Nye


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