Kole cares

Dear Editor:

I met Andrew Kole as he was putting the finishing touches on his play, “Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.” Drawn in by his creative nature, hours sped by discussing the impact of phrasing a scene one way versus another. After the final curtain, Andrew’s creativity led us to work together. As his partner, I learned about cross-promotion and how to use it in business situations. During our project, I was amazed to watch how Andrew used his business experience. He created win-win situations for all involved, showing community members how they could succeed and generate free advertising exposure for their project.

Andrew’s creative orientation spills over into non-business situations as well. As the past director of the Wildwood School, my main passion is education. Through this frame of reference, I watched Andrew give his time to kids who had ideas but were not sure what to do next. He has worked with countless kids, helping them set up internships, improve their creative writing, develop strategies to get into college, direct and/or run the camera for his show; he opened doors for them to help get their ideas in motion.

The television version of Andrew Kole is the character most of Aspen thinks they know. Based on his life as a New Yorker, Andrew used the stereotype to his advantage and created the highest viewed show GrassRoots has had. Consequently, he knows almost everyone and is not apprehensive about asking for help when it is needed.

In the interest of fairness, I feel those who only know the TV side of Andrew should be aware of these other facets. I urge you to be informed, and choose “substance” over style, when you vote for our next mayor.

Karen Nye



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