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Kole, candidate or journalist?

Having been involved in journalistic endeavors of one kind or another for 60-odd years, and gratified to have press friends as diverse as Henry Luce, Bill Moyers, and Walter Cronkite, I am somewhat puzzled.

Andrew Kole’s late-breaking act of tossing his hat in the political ring with a loud bang brings out a smoking-gun issue or two of propriety and professional ethics.

As Aspen’s most conspicuous political commentator, will he be acting in the long and proud (if often ignored) journalistic tradition of impartial reporting? Or will his press position allow him to spin his political opinions so loudly that he drowns out the views of his mayoral opponents, Helen Klanderud and Terry Paulson?

“No man can serve two masters,” the Good Book notes. The two positions, of course, are not compatible. Kole has every right to run and say what he thinks as a candidate – but not at the same time pretend to be an objective journalist.

Jim Pitt