Knowing rules was Kittle’s job |

Knowing rules was Kittle’s job

Peter Frey wrote a letter to the editor in which he attacked an Aspen Times reporter, the Basalt planning department, and the building department. He was defending Mark Kittle for allowing homes to be built over the 5,000-square-foot limit.

Peter claimed that it wasn’t Mark’s job to know that we have a law in Basalt that no homes are to be built over 5,000 square feet. He explained in detail how the process works and that it was the Planning Department’s job to calculate the home sizes. He believes Mark’s job was only building code related. This is inaccurate.

Peter’s information is outdated. The town manager combined these two jobs under Kittle’s building department about three years before Kittle approved the homes.

It is important that people have accurate information. We can’t make intelligent decisions without it.

I want to be very clear that I am not saying Mark or Peter are bad people. I am saying Peter wrote a letter that included faulty information.

Basalt is a place where the “average Joe” gets involved. We determine the shape of our town. We need to trust the information exchange in order to continue the momentum.

Jim Paussa/Basalt


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