Know your trash options |

Know your trash options

Dear Editor:We’re glad Donna Rowland brought the issue of trash prices (Aspen Times, Jan. 12) to the public’s attention so we can let Aspen’s residents know how to avoid an unreasonable trash rate. The most important thing we want people to know is that if you get a notice, and you feel the rate increase is excessive, call us immediately. We can explain the many options you have to avoid huge rate increases. Don’t feel you have to take the first number you’re given. All haulers should be, and are required, to explain all the service options available. Ask what your rate would be if you use fewer trash containers, smaller containers, or have less frequent pickup, or all three! If your hauler doesn’t offer the type of service you want, call the other haulers. Not all the haulers are giving their customers large price increases. Some citizens have reported very reasonable prices – call us if you need help. The measures in Aspen’s ordinance are in place in many other cities, towns and states, and have been implemented without large rate increases. The goal of this ordinance is to make recycling easier, more convenient and an integral part of trash service, and thereby increase the recycling rate in Aspen. Recycling, just like having a bear-proof trash container, is part of doing trash business in Aspen, and, like schools and parks, is a worthwhile public good. Increasing recycling will not only benefit the landfill, by helping to extend its life, but also benefit the environment by reducing our contribution to global warming, reducing air and water pollution and saving energy. Accomplishing this does not have to come at an unreasonable cost. If customers need help with anything – lowering their rates, finding places for containers, sharing with neighbors, anything – they should call Sarah Laverty in the Environmental Health Dept. at 429-1798. Sarah LavertyCity of Aspen Environmental Health Dept.

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