Know before you speak |

Know before you speak

I am astounded that Jon Busch could spout off for half a page about a forum he didn’t even attend.

If he had BEEN THERE he would have seen that the intent of the forum was mostly to find out just what kind of a community we would all really like to be in regards to drugs and alcohol. If he had BEEN THERE he would have learned that kids are understandably confused about the mixed messages they are getting from the school, their parents and the community.

If he had BEEN THERE he would have heard information from Shelly Molz of the Valley Partnership; from Steve Ayers, MD, and Pitkin County Coroner; and from Kim Hildebrand of Colorado West Counseling. If he had BEEN THERE he would not be misquoting Sheriff Braudis and misrepresenting the discussions that took place.

Does Jon Busch have children? Does he have any connection with the youth in this community?

He says, “If you don’t like what you see here, then go live somewhere else.” Now there’s an enlightened and mature attitude.

I grew up here. I went to middle school and high school here in the ?60s and ?70s. Believe me, there were many, many kids raised here that ended up being not “OK.”

That being said, Aspen is my home and I love it here for many reasons. Both my children were born and are being raised here. I am very familiar with this town and the complexities of raising children.

There are many community members and parents who don’t think it’s really “cool” anymore that our area is the highest in the nation for substance abuse. Do us all a favor and get informed before writing about a forum you didn’t attend, on a topic you apparently know nothing about.

Kim Coates


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