Kittle deserves better |

Kittle deserves better

I was a bit surprised to see Betsy Suerth, Basalts assistant town manager, blatantly embroil herself in partisan politics just prior to an election. Her comments to The Aspen Times regarding Town Council candidate Mark Kittles role in approving an oversized home were unprofessional and completely inappropriate.As someone whos served with Mark on the board of directors of the Basalt Fire District, I can assure you hes not the irresponsible individual portrayed by Betsy Suerth in this article. Theres no question that hes a dedicated public servant who has given generously of his time in support of our community. He deserves better than this petty personal attack by an obviously disgruntled employee looking to shed blame for her mistakes and failures.Bob Guion, directorBasalt & Rural Fire Protection District