Kindergarten charge not a big deal |

Kindergarten charge not a big deal

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

I have heard a lot of outrage lately by local residents that the Aspen School District will be charging tuition for kindergarten. I know this is a burden for some families, but as a person who recently relocated from another area perhaps I can give them some perspective. We moved from San Francisco where our child attended a private school which charged $10,000 per year for kindergarten (later grades cost more).

In San Francisco, the public schools are bad, you would do just about anything to get your child into a private school. Our greatest concern in moving here was the quality of the schools. After visiting several private schools and the public school, we determined that the public school had the most to offer our child educationally and in extracurricular activities. We were totally surprised by this, we had fully intended to prefer the private schools as our child had attended a fabulous private school in San Francisco.

Aspen parents, you have a first-rate school system here. If you as a parent are willing to put in some effort, and your child is an active participant, the education is there for them I urge the kindergarten parents to have their child attend a full day of school. Kindergarten is really important now, they learn to read in kindergarten, it’s not like when you were in school, it is really important for their school career.

Remember this is the only year you will be paying any tuition, the rest of their school years will be tuition free in a great school.

Geraldine Whitman