Killing with technicalities |

Killing with technicalities

The City Council is entirely missing the object of this [Residences at Little Nell] project, i.e. what will it replace and be better than? Please do not kill this project with technicalities.

Now, must all affordable housing be within walking distance of the gondola? Isn’t Burlingame essentially “out of town” by walking standards? The airport area is only a short distance farther and already an affordable project with bus service.

The gondola area could be revitalized with this well-designed, “in scale” with surrounding buildings (North of Nell, Ajax and St. Regis), and much-needed project.

Rachel Richards and Terry Paulson must remember the Tippler and Copper Kettle as the essence of a “vibrant” Aspen in the ’70s and ’80s, before the current decline. Call them and ask them to support this great replacement for an aging, ugly building and vacant restaurant.

Dwayne L. Briscoe