Killing the goose |

Killing the goose

Barbara Conviser represents the best of the real Aspen in her letter in The Aspen Times on Feb. 12. We are in danger of being overtaken by the phony, new-rich concepts from the shallow, outside, meaningless crass society.

Our basic concepts of community, family and sincere friendship is eroding before our very eyes. As Barbara points out, the horrible, over-done excess on Maroon Creek Road represented by $40 million schools, a “recreation complex” that would do credit to a major city, and the Highlands development that looks more like a prison than a base village, is just out of proportion in our beautiful mountain setting.

Quality of teachers and courses far outweigh concrete monuments. We have natural recreation in our mountains all around us. Whip Jones must be spinning in his grave at the desecration of his beautiful ski area.

We will kill the goose that laid the golden egg if we become just another fancy, suburban playground for the new-rich Enron types, who bring no sound, solid values to our community.

Their “palaces” could become a real liability, if the bottom falls out of the market. How many bed and breakfasts could we support?

Good taste, good manners, love of community and good sense must prevail in Aspen if we are to survive. Maybe Mick Ireland and his following have been on the right track all along.

Taylor Gamblin


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