Killing our town |

Killing our town

The Aspen planning and zoning commission has recommended the Residences at Little Nell project to the council after thorough study. Watching the City Council attempting to micromanage this project with their individual political agendas was ridiculous.

Terry Paulson, although not an architect, wants to redesign the project. His real purpose is to make the project uneconomical and kill it. He is apparently happy with the vacant stores and fewer jobs in town.

Tom McCabe is still in shock over his election loss and appears confused. Tony Hershey is in self-imposed abstinence over a possible conflict of interest and afraid to state an opinion because of his upcoming election with Torre.

Tim Semrau seems to be the only honest-appearing councilman, stating rational opinions, not political agendas. At the public comment session, Mayor Klanderud happily recognized opponents by first name. She must know them well.

Opponents from the North of Nell in their 40-foot-high building are hypocrites – whose view did their building block? Little Nell will only average 35 feet high.

Does the council really need a “site visit” to the old, out-of-date (non-historic, non-Victorian) Tipple Inn and annex, and vacant restaurant next to the gondola? Where have they been? Thirty years ago this was the best apres-ski site in the Rockies. It can be again.

Rachel Richards was in the audience – anticipating her return to the council to demand smaller size but more affordable housing? Can the city send her to a course in economics? She never defined her “vibrant” vision of Aspen during the campaign.

Torre said little to the press, plotting his strategy against Hershey. He never said anything substantive during the campaign, just generalities.

The anti-everything people would probably not be satisfied with a Photo-mat stand. It would be “massive,” “too high,” on an old trail that “everyone” has used for centuries, “out of scale,” no affordable housing for the one employee, run by the Skico, etc., etc., etc. – or yada, yada, yada.

Your town is dying; wake up to reality. Maybe you want it to die; you will get your wish. Terry Paulson may be the last “real” person left in his Shangri-La with the trust-funders.

Dewayne L. Briscoe


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