Killing Aspen’s crabapple trees |

Killing Aspen’s crabapple trees

Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to The Aspen Times, in regards to a tree that was removed from in front of the paper’s building by the city of Aspen.

Dear Editor:

I have been upset about all the dying trees for several summers now. I have written letters to the editor asking people to water them.

This tree removal is B.S. The “city forester” is lying about the tree’s condition. He is not knowledgeable about tree health in general, or is committed to B.S. as the city stance.

I examined the crabapple tree at least weekly. It could have lasted indefinitely. I have kept sick trees going for decades, not that this one was very sick. This tree was in better condition than almost any tree on Main Street (of course because it got some water.) He is like the DOW staff, all he does is kill them. What a world of doublespeak. Green City/Tree City, my butt.

Newly planted trees need lots of water. I’ll take any bets on this new tree being alive in spring 2010. The “forester” says the city comes by and waters new trees indefinitely ” this isn’t the only time I will point out how deep the B.S. is there. Has anyone seen any trees watered outside of the parks sprinklers? Even at Rio Grande, all the new trees died, and most of them in the first year or two.

We had a gorgeous blooming crabapple tree that thrived, in spite of immeasurable neglect. Now they will replace it with a sterile tree (which is really the point of all this) ” and there will be no crabapples for the birds. The folks here that hate wildlife (in truth, fearing its economic impact), will do anything to clear it from the town, including destroying trees.

Does everyone know we are forbidden to plant fruit trees? And, of course, from feeding the birds food, either. With grocery prices rising, and junk food on the shelves, god forbid anyone should plant a garden.

We are destroying all trees, all over the planet ” cutting them down, paving over their roots, polluting their air and water. Without having them to do their job removing carbon dioxide from the air, we are dooming ourselves (as well as everything else on the planet). We should be planting and watering trees as fast as we can, but at least our blind stupidity is catching up to us.

Becca Magill


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