Kill the unneeded monstrosity |

Kill the unneeded monstrosity

I was appalled to learn of the plans that carpet-bagging developers have to erect a monster hotel and residential complex on South Aspen Street.It appears that the greedy rascals behind the project have asked for every conceivable variance from underlying zoning codes, in the hope theyll end up in a better negotiating position to at least win a few stars.The facts, however, are clear: This area is zoned for a maximum building height of 28 feet, but the developers are asking for permission to build to almost three times this height. The 204,500-square-foot building the developers seek is about double the floor area allowed by the underlying zoning.Do we really need another large, luxury hotel, another grand ballroom and another health club? No. And we certainly dont need the traffic congestion, noise pollution and blocking of views that this project promises to bring to the South Aspen Street neighborhood.Does anyone believe for a moment that this totally out-of-scale project will bring in the sort of younger, less highly affluent demographic that Aspen needs to escape from its glitzy, overpriced image? I dont think so!Although I live on South Aspen, the project wont much affect my own view. But particularly if the developers height variance requests are not turned down flat it will surely do grave damage to the views of my neighbors on Juan, Dean, Durant, Aspen and Garmisch and will impact vistas of the mountain from as far away as Cooper and Monarch streets.The only beneficiaries of this project? You guessed it; the developers! Lets hope that the P&Z commission acts to nip this unneeded monstrosity in the bud.Alexander L. BielAspen