Kids deserve a shot |

Kids deserve a shot

Dear Editor:

Vote for 3E and help “make things right!”

In our home, we often talk about “making things right” and how there’s nothing better than the chance to do just that.

As we prepared to place our “Vote For Our Kids – 3E” sign in our yard, our 3-year-old son said he wanted to dismantle it and make an art project out of the pieces instead. We said, “Maybe later, when its job is complete.” He, as usual, wanted to know “why?” We explained that the sign was part of a project to make things right in our valley’s schools. With the abundance of a 3-year-old’s confidence in what he knows, he patiently reminded us that he does NOT go to school.

“But a lot of the kids in our neighborhood do,” said Daddy. “And a lot of kids we meet on the bus do,” reminded Mommy.

“And a lot of kids we play with at the park do,” said Daddy.

“Oh,” conceded our son. “Want me to help put on the bumper stickers, too?”

We are currently considering all of the valley’s great schooling options – public schools, charter schools, private schools, even home schooling. For us, 3E isn’t about wanting a great, future school for our son, although that would, of course, be nice.

It’s about fairness. It’s about equity. It’s about making things right for all kids in our valley!

Join us in voting for 3E.

Jon and Julie Fox-Rubin


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