Kids busy and happy at Aspen Youth Center |

Kids busy and happy at Aspen Youth Center

Dear Editor:

Families are the foundation of our community, and one of the things that make our “resort” town so special. Yet, we all know how difficult it can be to work while raising a family here. Child care has been a struggle since our two were teething, and as they got older it became increasingly difficult to keep them engaged and happy while my husband and I worked.

I wanted to convey a special thanks to the team at Aspen Youth Center for providing one of the best youth programs in the valley. Until now, “camp day” wasn’t always welcomed with abundant enthusiasm. Early this summer our kids wanted to try AYC for a change of pace. Not only did they come home raving about it, they now plead to spend a few hours or the day there whenever possible. We’ve found the team at AYC to be exceptionally professional and totally fun.

Housed in the Aspen Recreation Center (but not affiliated), the AYC is a nonprofit organization that gets funding from the generosity of our local community. We would like to convey to those folks and to the AYC just how valuable the peace of mind we get from the program is. Thank you to all the generous donors of this program; it takes a village to raise and keep safe our youth!

Debbie Braun

El Jebel