Kids are best recommendation |

Kids are best recommendation

Dear Editor:I am writing to endorse Charla Belinski for the Aspen school board. I have worked with Charla on the Aspen Youth Center board and have seen her enthusiasm and energy for children, parents and our community. She has been the head of our education series this year, and she has been a valuable leader and has run a very successful series. Her commitment and hard work are neverending, and her commitment to helping others grow is commendable.I think, if elected, she will work hard to understand the issues, she will vote for the betterment of our children and school system, and will listen to this community and their wishes. I also think she will stand true to what she believes is right for the children, not just be swayed by small factions.I think as a mother one of the greatest reflections is our children. No mother’s children are perfect, though we wish they were at times. Whenever I substitute teach or have reason to be around Charla’s children, I see secure, happy, well-adjusted kids who know they are cared for and loved. That is your best recommendation there.Allison DailyAspen

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