Kidnapping charge filed in domestic violence case |

Kidnapping charge filed in domestic violence case

Pitkin County deputies arrested a local man Saturday and charged him with kidnapping and assault after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend while drunk, according to court documents.

Kelby Strohm, 23, of Aspen, was arrested after his 22-year-old girlfriend told police he grabbed her by the back of the neck and head and forced her to the ground after she attempted to leave his home on Maroon Court, according to an affidavit filed in Pitkin County District Court. The couple had been drinking in Aspen before returning to his home.

Strohm then dragged her back inside his apartment and would not let her leave, the affidavit states.

“(The victim) told me she was scared and wanted to leave the residence, but Strohm was watching her and would not let her get up,” according to the affidavit written by Deputy Anthony Todaro.

Not long after, Strohm’s attention wandered and the woman ran toward the front door again to try and leave, but Strohm caught her from behind and “slammed her face against the mirror by the front door,” the affidavit states. That caused a cut on her lip, which began to bleed, according to the document.

When he saw the blood, Strohm “began to get very nervous” and apologized to the woman, saying, “I’ll go to treatment” and “I’ll get help.”

Strohm then allowed the woman to leave and she drove herself to the hospital and called authorities, the affidavit states.

When deputies spoke to Strohm, he initially said the woman fell, though his story changed and he later said he wouldn’t speak without a lawyer.

In court Monday, the woman appeared with a black eye and stitches in her lip. She told District Judge Chris Seldin that she works in the hospitality industry and that “it wasn’t necessarily easy” to hide the black eye or the stitches.

“It’s not an easy position to be in,” she said.

Seldin issued a mandatory protection order forbidding Strohm from contacting the woman, and asked her if she thought he would violate it. The woman said she didn’t think he would.

Seldin then allowed Strohm out of jail on a $2,500 personal recognizance bond — meaning he will owe the court $2,500 if he declines to appear in court to answer the charges against him. Strohm has no prior criminal history, prosecutor Donald Nottingham said.

Strohm must enroll in a sobriety-monitoring program once out of jail and remain sober, Seldin said.


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