Kicked out of a bar |

Kicked out of a bar

Dear Editor:

A while ago, I was sipping a Budweiser and minding my own business in a bar in Basalt. In walks a photographer doing a photo spread for an immigration article in some Aspen magazine. “Sure,” I said, “Take some pictures of me and the Border Patrol cap. I’m always happy to publicize the greatest threat America faces today. We are being invaded without a shot being fired, and it’s time we start paying attention.”

Anyway, back at the bar, the photographer asked a couple of Latinos if they’d pose for a picture with my hat and me. They declined, so the guy took some pictures outside and left.

Yesterday, I walk into this Basalt bar and find out I’m 86ed. Why? One owner told me the “the tension and publicity” my hat and I brought to the bar were no longer welcome. OK, no problem, I can buy Buds elsewhere.

What’s ironic is that I used to bartend in this bar a couple of decades ago. (I did all three bars in the old “Basalt Triangle.”) Back then, my job description included frequent “5-ball errands” for the owners. The bar manager’s bathroom was a little “party room” for all paying “customers.”

How cruel fate! Now that I’ve seen the light and go to church on Sunday, I get tossed out of a Basalt bar for wearing a hat. Tsk, tsk. At least no one shot at me. Good thing for the owners that ICE is underfunded and the DEA and Chief Ikeda are incompetent or that Basalt bar would have all kinds of problems.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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