Kerry/Edwards know better path |

Kerry/Edwards know better path

Dear Editor:I am a Woody Creek local raised as a Kansas Republican. I am passionately supporting John Kerry and John Edwards for the following reasons.President Bush became the first president in 72 years to have lost jobs (more than 100,000 in Colorado). He has encouraged outsourcing with new tax breaks. Kerry has a plan to cut out these unfair tax breaks and encourage business to stay here. Health insurance has gone up approximately 50 percent and Medicare up 17 percent. Now almost 100,000 Colorado residents no longer have health insurance. John Kerry has a plan to provide us with optional low-cost health insurance.Bush, a supposed conservative, has turned a $5.6 trillion surplus into a $2.7 trillion deficit and has not vetoed one spending bill in his term.Bush cut the EPA budget by millions and eliminated the Superfund contribution requirements by polluting companies to pay for cleanup of contaminated sites. He has dismantled the Clean Air Act and opened up nine million acres of national forest to logging and mining. He’s pulled out of treaties on global warming and nuclear proliferation. It’s no wonder environmental groups have given him an F.After the attacks of 9/11, Americans pulled together with a new sense of patriotism. We had the sympathy, respect and support of the world to find these terrorists. It is now known there are more terrorists today then before 9/11. Too bad President Bush ignored reported warnings about Osama bin Laden set to strike in the United States, and then misled us into a war in Iraq.About the war in Iraq. Yes, John Kerry voted to give the president the authority to go to war. The threat of war was to intimidate Saddam into allowing weapons inspectors in, and it worked. There was also a provision with that authority allowing Bush to go to war as a last resort and only after building a formidable coalition.Instead, Bush prematurely pulled the inspectors out after they had looked in all the suspected areas and found no WMDs. Without any hard evidence and without the support of the United Nations and most of our allies, he rushed to war. He was unwilling to let the inspectors finish their job. He also ignored any reports that there were no WMDs.I believe in John Kerry’s promise to take us in a new direction, to make us safer at home and respected in the world. Please vote for Kerry/Edwards. We need your support. Sherry FlackWoody CreekP.S. Check out an excerpt from Bush’s hometown newspaper, the Lone Star Iconoclast, which endorsed Bush four years ago but now endorses John Kerry. Check out the whole article on its Web site,

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