Kerry will say anything |

Kerry will say anything

Dear Editor:I am so excited! I can hardly believe my good luck to be a part of this country during this magnificent time. I never thought I would live to see the day when our government may be so compassionate to its electorate.Imagine! We are going to get the very same health insurance as is available to the Congress of these United States. And it is going to be absolutely free! We will not have to pay for it through raises in taxes or anything. I guess Sen. Kerry truly does have a deep feeling for everyone in this country.Could it be that he is rich enough to cover this cost for us? I know he is one of the very rich in this country who have to pay little taxes (I believe only 12.78 percent on his $5 million he declared as his income in 2003), so maybe he can just do it with what is left over. I know my husband and I had to pay more than 30 percent of our retirement income in taxes, on a ton less income, and that most working Americans pay somewhere between 25-33 percent each year for income taxes. If Kerry had to pay so little, he truly must be a miracle worker.Oh! He is also going to increase the minimum wage and he is going to be able to do that all by himself. I thought that the Congress was responsible for allocating funds … silly me! Isn’t he amazing?Another wonderful thing is that he is going to get the nations who are not standing with us in Iraq, and the United Nations as well, to join us in bringing this war to an end while, at the same time, bringing a good many American troops home. This is really amazing, since countries like Germany have gone on record to say, “We do not care who is elected president of the United States, we are not getting involved in Iraq.” He truly is wonderful!As a 65-year-old citizen of this country, I am so happy to hear that Kerry is also going to clean up the Social Security mess. I guess no one told him that there wouldn’t be a problem if legislators like him hadn’t decided to spend the money like it is part of the general tax fund. Had it been maintained as intended, it would be self-perpetuating. The more people who paid into it, the more money would be available. As honest as he is, I’m sure he is going to stop blaming the numerous baby boomers for the shortage. I am happy that he is kind enough not to blame President Bush for this problem, or could he be aware that President Bush has never been a member of the U.S. Congress?I could go on and on about all the wonderful things Kerry and Edwards are going to give and do for us, but they are so numerous that you probably wouldn’t believe me. Thus being the case, I will just close by saying the above information does not represent “Camelot”; it is all only part of the “John F. I’ll say anything to win fantasy.”Get real, Kerry! You don’t give the citizens of this country credit for the intelligence of a slug. I believe that the people who live in this country aren’t half as stupid as you seem to believe they are.Barbara D. FosterCarbondale

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