Kentucky farmed chicken |

Kentucky farmed chicken

Dear Editor:KFC chicken is produced in a factory farm (this is called chicken farming). Because of how chicken factory farms treat chickens, we should all buy free-range chicken products (not KFC). A KFC factory farm chicken life is like living in a cage with three other people that can only eat and sleep.First of all, four chickens are put in a cage the size of half a sheet of paper. All they can do is lay eggs, eat and sleep. The cage prevents them from running around. Chickens like to kick dust and take dirt baths, but cages prevent that. They stay in a cage their whole lives.Secondly, chickens lose two-thirds of their top beak and one third of their bottom beak. The factory does this so the birds do not kill each other. Some chickens get mad at other birds and have lethal fights. They cut off the beaks when the chickens are chicks and they do not use anesthetic.Finally more than 1 million chickens go through the scald tanks alive. A scald tank is a tank of boiling hot water that is used to remove the feathers from the supposedly dead chicken. Some chickens miss the automated blade that kills them. Other chickens do not get stunned because the stun tank is less than the required voltage.I think that caging chickens and boiling them alive is awful and should stop. Now what do you think about KFC? Free-range chickens live on a nice farm and do what they want, which is how all chickens should live. So stop buying KFC and other chicken products that don’t say “free-range.”Ian Brown6th grade, Aspen Middle School

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