Keeping the tradition alive |

Keeping the tradition alive

Last Thursday last was a day to remember and cherish. It was one of those powder days we see maybe once a year.

Alas my daughters are away at college and I could not invoke the 9-inch rule – that being, “if there is nine or more inches of snow, and there is school, they do not have to attend school, providing they go skiing with me.”

That rule would have been invoked in the Hauenstein household. I know the Crum family and others would have done the same. This is still a ski town.

I was so pleased to see that at least one family had their own 9-inch rule. As I packed into a bucket ride, I realized that mother, father and both children were skiing together.

Congratulations to the Hoffman family for continuing the tradition. I issue the challenge to other families to define your own 9-inch rules. What better way to bond as a family and celebrate life than to ski powder together?

Ward Hauenstein


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