Keeping shepherd-scale buildings |

Keeping shepherd-scale buildings

Dear Editor:

I wish to express my dismay at the outsized religious structures that Pitkin County commissioners and Basalt Town Council members recently gave the green light when faced by a threatened lawsuit from the church that wants to build them (“Church wins settlement,” Jan. 10).

Master plan proposals, area residents’ voices, valley citizens’ pleas and suggestions, all were thrown out, even though simply sticking to master plan proposals would not have prevented or restricted in any way the right of church members to practice their religion, or to use their piece of property in a manner appropriate and respectful to the properties around it.

This is not Florida, not the Bible Belt, not even Rifle with its hordes of unwashed drill workers. The church site was, until recently, a sheep ranch fronting near Highway 82, beyond which are still extensively used and caringly preserved agricultural lands. Most of us who have lived here for decades, and a great many newcomers, would prefer to see buildings on this site kept to the scale of the shepherd.

Karen Chamberlain

Glenwood Springs

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