Keeping it small and local |

Keeping it small and local

Dear Editor:

Had to respond to R. Barry Cook’s letter in the Oct. 20 issue of The Aspen Times. Lay off Anne Freedman, a very nice lady who has served her terms on the Basalt Town Council and has done only positive things for Basalt!

The addition of the desired expansion has nothing to do with what state Whole Foods comes from. The majority of Basalt residents don’t want the extra additions the developers want because of what it will do to our unique town! The whole Willits project is too big as is, and adding more properties will only add more problems.

The tax money you speak of will be chewed up quickly by the additional services Basalt will have to furnish! Our town is over 100 years old, and has done very well without Whole Foods! Yes, we do like City Market because it takes care of everyone’s needs, from health food nuts to meat-eaters. If you would drive down here and park in the City Market lot, you would notice ZG and Texas license plates, so Aspenites must like our City Market better than Aspen’s!

The last time I drove through Houston on Highway 10 at 2:30 in the afternoon, we came to a complete stop and just sat there. You might like this kind of living, but we living in Basalt don’t want the increased traffic and problems “MORE” causes! The Willits project as it was approved is big enough, and we don’t need or want the additional expansion. When complete, the Willits project will add about 3,000 cars and 6,000 people! We say, enough already!

Chris Tessem


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