Keeping it green at Highlands |

Keeping it green at Highlands

Dear Editor:

Planned obsolescence (n.): “a policy of producing consumer goods that rapidly become obsolete and so require replacing, achieved by frequent changes in design, termination of the supply of spare parts, and THE USE OF NONDURABLE MATERIALS.”

Too many consumer products in this country are outsourced and manufactured in other countries, using sub-par materials made in yet another country, produced by poor individuals that need work and will do so for almost nothing. Few products are “Made in America” these days. No wonder our economy is in shambles and unemployment is near 6 percent nationwide.

The ski-snowboard industry seems to be following the trend of other consumer goods and sacrificing American-made quality for cheap labor and production costs to maximize profits. This business strategy does not bode well with me! Nothing lasts forever, but should last a lot longer then planned obsolescence intends them to.

Venture Snowboards of Silverton is marching to a different beat! The Venture beat resonates environmental awareness, quality craftsmanship, durable products, and minimized carbon footprint of the production process. Venture snowboards is affiliated with the 1 Percent For The Planet organization, contributing 1 percent of annual sales to environmental organizations worldwide. They use Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood for snowboard cores, use low-impact materials such as hemp for snowboard top sheets, have been wind powered since 2004, and Venture snowboards are factory waxed with Purl Wax from Breckenridge. Purl Wax is the first ski-snowboard wax manufacturer to produce a bio-ester wax made without petroleum products. Purl wax is “faster than you!”

Saturday is opening day of Aspen Highlands as it kicks off its 50th anniversary, and Venture Snowboards will host a demo ride day then.

All you knuckle-dragging Highlands heads should check Venture out. It is my board of choice and will be till my dying day. Any ass-hauling, all mountain-riding snowboarders should have one in their quiver.

Enjoy the snow on whatever you ride, and please check out a company that cares about the future of snowboarding and looking out for Mother Earth.

John Norman


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