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Keeping Aspen real

Dear Editor:

My name is Kellyann Smith and I have lived in Aspen for nearly three years now. I consider myself a local, and in my years of being here the Isis Theater has literally been my home. I go there everyday to see a movie. It has always been the center for all of my fun. Many other locals think so ” everyone goes to the Isis theater. But why do you have to go and bad mouth their way of selling alcohol? (“I”ll take a Coors, kid,” March 13)

Yes, I agree with the law. But this behavior continues with papers making the theater look like a distasteful place. They will get shut down. I will not pay 6 dollars plus 10 dollars to go to Movieland! The Isis is one of the only things that is keeping Aspen real as a town. (Not a tourist trap. I don’t want Aspen turning into Vail!)

Kellyann Smith



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