Keep your zealous paws off me |

Keep your zealous paws off me

Dear Editor:I write with controlled fury.Friday morning I turned on the radio and heard, “Opponents of abortion say that this is the year …” Immediately I changed the station, because I realized what day it was and what the rest of the sentence would be. They are hoping that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned.I want to celebrate that day in 1973 when the Supreme Court said that a woman’s right to have an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy is a privacy issue.Legalized abortion should never be overturned. It would be like bringing back slavery or indentured servitude or debtor’s prison. It would be like making female genital mutilation mandatory in the civilized world (as if the fact that it still exists in certain parts of the world isn’t bad enough).Where are these people’s heads that they feel they can dictate to someone how she should conduct her own life’s business? A woman is responsible for her own body, and every woman has the right to decide if abortion is for her or not. She also has the right not to be harassed if she decides in favor of it.It’s bad enough that anti-abortionists say “she’ll burn in hell” or other such nonsense. Some anti-abortionists also use threats or fraud or property destruction or murder to get their point across. This is where the wrong lies.The only legitimate recourse people have against legal abortion is persuasion (the use of reason). But why use even persuasion? Unless the person is your loved one, whether she has an abortion is none of your business. If you cannot persuade, then you must respect the person’s free will. How many males who consider a vasectomy or who take Viagra would want to be treated in ways that some anti-abortionists treat women at clinics? The rights of man include the rights of woman.In any case, why are anti-abortionists so concerned about fetuses and so unconcerned about children already here on Earth? I refuse to call anti-abortionists “pro-lifers” because it is not accurate. Every human being is “for” life, even the millions of children all over the world who live in poverty. (Does anyone recall John Denver’s song “I Want To Live”?) Poverty is life, too, even when the poor life doesn’t have health care, shelter, education or enough to eat.It is time for women who consider an abortion (which is legal, let me remind you) to stand up to the busybodies. “Keep your zealous paws off my body.”It is time for everyone to say to the religionists, “The state of my soul is between me and my God.”LinelleAspen

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