Keep your paws clean during dirty jobs |

Keep your paws clean during dirty jobs

Working on a dirty engine is, well, just plain dirty. Grease and oil buildup can sometimes make a simple task into a real mess. Especially if you take your vehicle off-road. You’re not only fighting with dirt and grime, you also have to deal with dried mud.

I’ve tried the mechanic’s gloves. I have a pair and they do keep your hands warmer in cold weather, but you also lose your sense of touch and they make it hard to work with small parts.

When I had to swap out a transmission earlier this year, I perused the parts store at the Miner’s Building for a good hand cleaner. Looking at the various cleaners, I noticed a tube of “Invisible Glove” protective hand coating. Reading the label, it said it would make washing up easier.

The label states that dirt, grease, and paint easily wash off. The label also states it keeps chemicals such as paints, stains, grease, oils, inks and most other harsh chemicals from being absorbed into your skin. That’s a big bonus when working with automotive solvents, lubricants, sealers and parts cleaners. So for less than $5, I bought it.

It’s simple to use. Put a nickel-sized glob in your palm and rub it into your hands. The directions specifically state to get it under your fingernails and then let it dry.

The amazing thing is that when it dries, you don’t notice it on your hands. It’s not slick or slimy. You can pick up smaller parts and hold tools with ease. Although one of the ingredients listed is a fragrance, it doesn’t really have a smell. Not like some other hand cleaners that smell like citrus.

One of the drawbacks of working on cars is that when you have to apply a lot of torque to a wrench or ratchet to remove a stuck bolt or nut, it grinds the dirt into your palms. That makes it even harder to clean your hands when you’re done wrenching for the day. With Invisible Glove, that problem is virtually eliminated. The ground-in dirt is easily removed.

So after a day under the Jeep, washing my hands became a breeze. The directions state that rinsing with water will wash the dirt and grime right off. I’d say that’s true for about 90 percent of the dirt. An added bonus is when taking a break, you can simply wash your hands and then reapply Invisible Glove when it’s time to get back to work. That’s much easier than using the orange hand soap most mechanics use.

The makers of Invisible Glove (Blue Magic Inc.) also recommend the product for house painters, artists or anyone who uses chemicals on a regular basis. You can find it at the Miner’s Building in Aspen or go online and find it at auto-parts stores, artist-and-printing-supply stores, and painting-supply depots.

Invisible Glove gets a definite recommendation from me.

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