Keep your eye on the ball |

Keep your eye on the ball

Dear Editor:The Entrance is purely a distraction brought to you by Helen Klanderud and Aspen’s Community Development Department to cover up the “Klanderudization” of Aspen (aka Infill legislation). Helen’s legacy will be the fiscal and social division derived from legislation she passed to incentivize rampant development and radical real estate speculation by local or out-of-town landlords.Carolyn Sackariason’s April 10 column (“All the non-news fit to print”) identified the real issue for Aspen: “What I hear on the streets are concerns about rampant development, the raping of the land, increased costs of living, businesses going out of business, the character of town changing for the worse and our longtime residents being tossed by the wayside to make room for the rich. If we don’t start addressing those issues, we need not worry about the Entrance to Aspen because no one will bother coming here.”Andy Stone’s April 12 column (“OK. Enough. Shut it down!”) also encourages voters to keep their eye on the ball: “The problem is not what to do about the traffic jam every morning and afternoon. The problem – the real problem – is how to preserve Aspen as a community worth living in, working in and visiting.”Philip Armour’s April 12 article (Aspen Daily News) gloated about the money pouring into Aspen under the Klanderud administration: “Speaking about the value of Aspen’s booming real-estate industry, city of Aspen Community Development Director Chris Bendon said construction is pouring $2 million per day or $250,000 per hour into town.”City Hall is running meetings on the most controversial issue they could find – the Entrance – in an effort to distract us from the big money pouring in under the Klanderud administration. This unbelievable amount of money is finding its way here due to the unprecedented ease that our community has allowed a speculative market to take over our community. Instead of enabling developers and gloating about $250,000 per hour pouring into town from out-of-town speculators, City Hall should be looking for every possible way to stop this rampant speculation before there is nothing left to do here but buy and flip real estate. As voters, we need to keep our eyes on the ball as Carolyn and Andy have done. If you are concerned about the future of Aspen, be sure elect representatives that will be able to resist the siren song of all that money and instead say “Enough!”Bert MyrinAspen

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