Keep white elephant out of Aspen |

Keep white elephant out of Aspen

Having owned a condominium at Lift One for 32 years, I was very interested in Janet Urquhart’s recent, well-written article, “A lift for the Lift 1A neighborhood?”

The concepts for improving the neighborhood with a pedestrian walkway along Dean Street, a ski museum in Willoughby Park and the re-establishment of Lift 1 access to Aspen Mountain all offer benefits to our residents and visitors.

However, the concept for The Lodge at Aspen Mountain as currently proposed ” with variance requests that trample current building guidelines for setbacks, height and density ” does not.

The alarm that resounds from the article’s section regarding this “1,000-pound gorilla” was the word “imposing.” As proposed, this development would create a grotesque imposition on our neighborhood. The results of the density factor would adversely impact traffic from the Aspen and Durant intersection to the base of the mountain.

Alternatively, the establishment of a new set of building guidelines would change the character of not only our neighborhood, but the entire town of Aspen.

Appropriate change that benefits a neighborhood or community, while offering economic benefit to the developer, is a good thing. Let’s hope the members of the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council require modifications to the existing request that help meet this goal and keep a 1,000-pound gorilla from becoming Aspen’s white elephant.

Allan P. LeChard

Grosse Pointe, Mich.