Keep Vail in Vail |

Keep Vail in Vail

Dear Editor: Last Wednesday in the Times, a Mr. Paul Kuzniar was singing the praises of Vail and tells all Aspenites that the direction that Vail has taken should be gospel for urban renewal. I think it is important to point out to Mr. Kuzniar that no matter how much money you throw at Vail, it will always be a dump. Let’s look at a few facts about Vail. Vail has a interstate highway running right through the middle of the city. Heck, it’s really a racetrack. What’s the speed limit, 95? Aspen also has a highway running through town, our speed limit is 25 mph.Vail has so many people skiing there that they need traffic lights to regulate the flow of the crowds. Hey Paul, if I want to ski with half the population of Colorado, I ski in Vail. You might want to rethink the strategy of having Ski magazine rate Vail numero uno, that could have something to do with the megacrowds at your mountain. In Aspen, we have four mountains and we can get a ton more skiing in a day than our counterparts in Vail. You know why? No lift lines.Vail has a bookstore. How quaint. Who cares? Isn’t that what is for? I support free enterprise and I wish Explore well, but I don’t think Aspen will suffer having one less bookstore. Paul, it’s all about the vertical and the amenities surrounding it. I really don’t think Joe Tourist is saying, “Oh no, Aspen doesn’t have a bookstore, kids were going to Vail.”So, as far as sending your consultants to Aspen, please don’t bother. We’re not drinking that Kool-Aid.Jim Perry (J.P.)Aspen

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