Keep up the ‘good’ work |

Keep up the ‘good’ work

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to applaud the heroic efforts by the Colorado Department of Transportation in handling the 3 inches of snow we received Tuesday night.

The sheet of ice we call state Highway 82 between Basalt and Aspen on Wednesday morning was a joy to navigate. I can certainly see how such a “dump” could overwhelm their resources and prevent them from treating the roads. After all, they had no less than four hours after the snow stopped falling to make sure the morning commute was not sent into higgedly-piggedly by this freak blizzard. Four hours is much too short a time to mobilize and somehow come up with enough ice-melting products to clear this massive stretch of highway.

After all, I enjoy sitting in my car for two hours trying to get to work. Keep up the great work. Good for us that the Roaring Fork valley rarely gets enough snow to cause this sort of problem.

Mike Liedtke


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