Keep up the good work

Dear Editor:

Thanks for the Aspen mayor column on March 12 (“Aspen mayor: More figurehead than authority?” Rick Carroll, opinion, The Aspen Times) and your continuing articles about our local government needing new blood.

Please continue to do this during this election season.

It may also be interesting to point out that Torre continually wants to “fix” things with more taxes. If you noticed, other mayoral candidates actually said we seriously should look into the $106,000,000 budget for a city of 6,000 and see if we can clean some things up instead of always going to the trough.

And what about the $100 million budget for the county, which includes us city folks – sounds insane to me.

Thanks for bringing this important information and your opinion – which is right on – to the forefront.

Lorrie B. Winnerman



Aspen City Council puts brakes on Old Powerhouse Preservation Project

With many lingering questions still surrounding the fate of Aspen’s historic Old Powerhouse, City Council decided during Monday’s work session to hold off on providing staff direction on moving the preservation project forward until more information can be presented.

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