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Keep Truden

Dear Editor:If one can get beyond the emotional hyperbole and spin behind the dire predictions of doom and gloom and the vicious, baseless attacks coming from District Attorney Truden’s would-be detractors, the facts concerning her effectiveness in office continue to speak for themselves.According to the Colorado District Attorney Council, felony convictions in the 9th Judicial District are up 40 percent over last year. The clerk of the combined courts reports that felony and misdemeanor prosecutions are up 57 percent and 25 percent, respectively. The number of domestic violence victims assisted has increased 19 percent and the Victim Witness Program is on track to assist a whopping 68 percent more victims this year than were helped by the previous administration over the same time period. Futhermore, her husband was never a full-time employee, the DOS-based computer system was obsolete and needed to be replaced, her present team of attorneys have more experience than the previous administration did, and the $400,000 “emergency fund” she was accused of dipping into because of poor financial planning was, according to Ed Green, Garfield County manager, an expected “contingency fund … held in reserve until Truden filled eight positions vacated before she took office.” In spite of all this, she’s still on budget!We didn’t elect Colleen Truden to make former employees feel good about themselves or to carry on the status quo. We elected her to help our great law enforcement officials get criminals off our streets. The statistics, not emotions, show she is doing just that. Let’s keep DA Truden doing what we elected her to do. Please join us in voting NO on her recall.Charles and Nancy RobertsNew Castle

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