Keep theater safety in mind |

Keep theater safety in mind

Dear Editor: Yesterday, I read two articles one about the expansion of the Wheeler and the other about the tragic death of a Yale drama student during a set load-in. Yale has an excellent theater safety program. In this case, it wasnt enough to save a life. Weve been talking about a performing arts center as long as weve been talking about a four-lane highway. There are two constants in both discussions. The first is that it will never be cheaper next year. The second is the practicalities get lost in the politics. Theater consultants are often concerned with the audience side of things (as they should be) but pay little or no attention to the working side of things. Herman Edel understood that with the first renovation, and thats one of the reasons he asked theater technicians to consult with Fritz Benedict on requirements on the other side of the proscenium. I implore those involved in the current plan to include technicians in their list of consultants and that they hire an industrial hygienist like Monona Rossol of ACTS (Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety) prior to carving the budget in stone.Ziska ChildsCarbondale

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