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Keep the free market free

Dear Editor:

Buoyed by Melanie Sturm’s column, “Free-enterprise critics are intellectually challenged” (The Aspen Times, Jan. 19), this local tea party organizer decided to join in her courageous charge by challenging the left’s frenzied, irrational focus on the “ills” of America’s free market system.

What about the ills to the free market? History’s display of the mad rush to eliminate freedom in any form, replacing it with its own default to tyranny, is an ever present threat to all mankind. Kim Jung Il, for instance, has gone to graveyards with others like him in the who’s who of tyrants registry. Each has preferred any “ism” other than capital-ism, which alone stands for freedom. A reasonable historical perspective should provide any observer ample evidence of the unalienable probability of loss of life, liberty and hope of pursuit of happiness under any of the conjoined isms’ notorious and their notorious and destructive sweep through history.

A basic understanding of our free-market system, championed and supported by a miraculously conceived Constitution, tells us that tyranny suffers for lack of power here in America – at least thus far. With only 5 percent of the world’s population ever having enjoyed freedoms that we Americans cherish, how could any rational person resist its promise?

That’s why our local, state and national tea party is going strong, even with the incessant, unwarranted criticism toward our efforts, the free-market system and our Constitution.

(We’re in good company, however.) Our path is sure, as we know the game of despots like Stalin whose ultimate disdain for Russia’s revolutionaries resulted in his eliminating them for their efforts, then calling them “useful idiots.”

I, along with Ms. Sturm, simply ask Americans to “Think Again” while we’re still free to do so.

Betty Scranton

Organizer, the American Patriots of the Roaring Fork Valley

Glenwood Springs

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