Keep the facts about Israel public |

Keep the facts about Israel public

Dear Editor:

The Colorado State Senate just passed a resolution in support of Israel even though it threatens American security. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, America was attacked partly because of U.S. support of Israel, and after Israel’s massacre of civilians in Gaza, the U.S. has again been targeted for attack.

Many Americans, including our elected representatives, don’t understand that Israel is the central front in the war on terror, and supporting their persecution of Muslims puts American lives at risk. That’s because there are Jewish organizations in America that actively work to prevent the U.S. media from reporting on Israel’s violations of human rights and international law.

For example, the recent “60 Minutes” segment on the threat illegal Israeli settlements pose to the creation of a Palestinian state, resulted in irate and threatening phone calls to the network from CAMERA, an organization dedicated to preventing Americans from learning the truth about Israel.

To see the “60 Minutes” video Israel and its Jewish American supporters don’t want you to see and the report on CAMERA’s reaction, go to, “60 Minutes Under Attack.”

This story has local implications. One of CAMERA’s agents owns a second home here, and he and his accomplices in the Aspen area have been attempting to censor local newspapers, Internet sites, radio and television. A recent case is the pressure to remove criticism of Israel from a local blog run by KNFO Con Games radio host Michael Conniff (go to and click on CON GAMES: Is Aspen Post Anti-Semitic?).

Fortunately, the editors and station managers chose to protect our First Amendment rights and resist the pressure to censor information. But doesn’t it make you wonder; if Israel is our “staunchest ally” and is doing nothing wrong, why are they trying to prevent us from learning the facts? What kind of friend is that?

Since more of our tax money goes to support Israel than any other nation, and since U.S. support of Israel has been linked to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, shouldn’t every American have a right to know the truth?

Bruce Gray


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