Keep the corridor open |

Keep the corridor open

It amazes me how far a group of self-serving individuals (Citizens for a Small Town Entrance) will distort and misrepresent the truth to further their political agenda to the detriment of the future of the community as a whole.

It should be noted that the original concept for the modified direct across the Marolt was for a parkway with bridges across it. The tunnel idea came from the very people who are now denigrating it, including our erstwhile Councilman Paulson as well as the leadership of the Friends of the Marolt.

The tunnel concept was offered to preserve a sizable land bridge for open space, cross-country ski trails, etc. It was, and is, a good idea and endorsed by all.

The 400-foot length was chosen because that distance vents itself, although I am sure that the state would be open to shortening it or even eliminating it.

There will be no additional traffic lights added. The Cemetery Lane light will move to Main and be coordinated with the lights that now exist.

The construction for the new entry will not affect the existing flow of traffic since it is all away from old Highway 82.

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Absentee voters, don’t be misled. We need to affirm the new entry, we need to preserve the corridor for any future mass transit options that we may decide to pursue. Without it we will lose any ability to handle increased needs.

This is not about four lanes, rail, buses or any other possible form of future transportation, this is about our community’s ability to handle the future. Please vote for the “Straight Shot” and keep the corridor open.

Richie Cohen


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