Keep tax collections flat |

Keep tax collections flat

Editor’s note: The following letter was originally sent to the Pitkin County commissioners.

Dear Editor:We understand you will be reviewing the 2010 Open Space & Trails (OST) budget at your meeting on Nov. 17.Consistent with our past advice to the Snowmass Village Town Council and other Pitkin County taxing districts, we recommend exercising restraint in light of the economic stresses confronting all full- and part-time residents of our community when making decisions concerning the setting of the 2010 property tax mill leviesMost of the taxing districts in Pitkin County appear sympathetic to our concerns and have indicated they will give serious consideration to limiting the amount of property tax they take, thus avoiding the “windfall” increase that would otherwise result from revaluations which reflect property values at the height of the speculative real estate market.We appreciate the difficult decisions that confront the governing boards of the various taxing districts. In particular, the OST program has been a topic of discussion within our advisory board as to what is an appropriate mill levy at this time. OST, its mission and programs have enjoyed the consistent support of taxpayers in Pitkin County, but we fear that failure to listen now to its broad and varied constituencies will jeopardize the reservoir of good will that has sustained OST and these programs and served all of us so well in the past.In sum, our board favors a unified approach by all taxing authorities and districts, and that none should benefit from what is surely an illegitimate and unfair “windfall.” Thus we recommend that you keep the 2010 property tax collections flat with the amount collected in 2009.Snowmass Village Part-Time Residents Advisory BoardGreer Fox, chairpersonColleen Doyle, vice chairJohn Barrett, George Bletsas, Mel Blumenthal, Mery Butler, Victor Rauch

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