Keep Shadow Mountain wild

My name is Megan Monaghan and I was born in Aspen in 1971. I have many fond memories of playing in the woods all over town.

Of course things have changed quite a bit since the ’70s, and most people don’t let their children run wild anymore. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many wild places left to run around in anymore. Please help keep the land at Shadow Mountain undeveloped.

I live in Tucson now where ugly and irreversible urban sprawl continues to erase the area’s natural beauty and the very reason most people moved here in the first place.

Please do what you can to keep the vital space at the base of Shadow Mountain wild. Prescient city planning has so far kept Aspen one of the few towns left where unchecked development hasn’t yet trumped what’s left of the wilderness. Please do your best to preserve that tradition and protect Shadow Mountain.

Megan Monaghan

Tucson, Ariz.


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