Keep Paepcke out of elitist magazine |

Keep Paepcke out of elitist magazine

The citizens and particularly the women of Aspen have been sold out by one of our own. The current issue of Aspen Magazine has portrayed nine women as the new generation of women of Aspen, with the late Elizabeth Paepcke as their model. I’m sure they are all very nice women and care about Aspen and its people.

However, to align them with the accomplishments and vision of Mrs. Paepcke is using Mrs. Paepcke in a way that would surely upset her. One of the nine women live tull-time in Aspen, all are wealthy, and none have had the opportunity to show that they are really committed to vision and welfare of our community, as so many hundreds of local women show every day in so many ways.

Aspen is the only city in America with a reverse gender gap, i.e., the women run and maintain most of the power in our community. Mrs. Paepcke set the stage for this and blazed the trail for them. She would be more than pleased with the results.

For those of you who wonder who the women of Aspen are, they are: those who run the 90-plus nonprofits, who are assisting the less fortunate and the elderly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They are the nurses at the hospital caring for children with cancer in the middle of the night. They are the extraordinary teachers doing extra tutoring and mentoring above and beyond their job description. They are the custodians who go unnoticed in the schools, hospital and hotels.

They are running our government and working endless hours in planning and protecting our heritage and zoning laws. They are our leading doctors, lawyers and presidents of our banks. They are single moms working two jobs, so their children can enjoy living in our valley. They are firefighters, rescue workers and supermarket checkers. Yes, they are the women of Aspen and they Run for the Cure.

Somehow I can’t picture Elizabeth Paepcke modeling a $25,000 jacket in a local elitist magazine.

Dick Butera


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