Keep our space program relevant |

Keep our space program relevant

Dear Editor:

On Friday, May 5, 1961, I was late to school. My father, who normally was a stickler about all of us boys getting to school, said we could be late that day … so we could stay home and watch the launch of Alan Shepard on board Freedom 7. He said history was going to be made that day and we should watch it.

I recall the morning well. We all watched the launch from a small black and white TV in the downstairs family room of our home in Lake Zuich, Ill.

He was right. History was made that day, and it was OK to be late. A great time to be a young boy in America. Astronauts in silver suits riding rockets and going into space. Mantle and Maris in the outfield for N.Y.

I only hope the private sector can now catch up and help with our gutted space program and give all boys and girls a vision for education and the future and space flight.

Alan Nelson, M.D.


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