Keep our mid-range lodges |

Keep our mid-range lodges

(This letter was originally addressed to The Honorable Mayor Helen Klanderud and members of the Aspen City Council.)Dear Editor:We would like to go on record in support of the Paas family project to rebuild the Limelite and Snowflake lodges into an updated mid-range facility. We have lost many of the lodges in this range and consideration seems to have pointed to the huge expensive hotels.There are very few of the family-owned businesses left in Aspen. These people know how to work together and have run a successful lodge for many years. They should be allowed to combine these two very old facilities into a modern, more efficient lodge for the mid-range traveler. Granting an exemption of a few fees to accommodate their plans seems reasonable under the circumstances.Many people do not understand the value of hands-on managers. We are in much the same position with Carl’s and the Miners’ Building. We have dealt with these folks for many years as our customers. They are honest and straightforward in their dealings and we recommend approval of their plans.Carl and Katie BergmanAspen

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