Keep on pickin’ Bobby |

Keep on pickin’ Bobby

Dear Editor:He’s only been gone a few days, and already we miss him. Aspen was lucky to have 36 years with Bobby Mason, and he’ll make close friends and great music in California as well. Don’t doubt it.I wanted to clarify the story about Bobby that Scott Condon wrote a few days ago (Aspen Times, March 29). I know that Scott is a good writer, and a good guy, and maybe he had a little bit of a bad day. As a good friend of mine remarked, the story “made Bobby look bad, me look bad, and Scott look bad.” It was a cursory little article, and hopefully not the last written tribute to Bobby Mason we will see.The article just put a negative cast on something that just had no negativity to it. Bobby made a few comments about the changing nature of Aspen, all true, but not said with malice. I told a story about Bobby’s rehab, and how the money was given to him from the Danielle Forde Foundation – thus depleting the fund – and yes, at first some of us thought it ridiculous. Surely our hero, Bobby Mason, didn’t really need to go to rehab, or perhaps he could have found another source of funding. But Bobby went to rehab, stayed sober, and was proud and vocal of his participation in the valley’s abuse programs. He was the guy who showed up in the middle of the night to get you the help you needed, and then remained your friend when the worst was over. He did that for dozens of people down through the years and that was his other big legacy in this town.It wasn’t long before all of us acknowledged that Bobby did the best thing that could have been done with the money from the foundation. He used it, and himself, to make things better for all of us. As I said, Bobby plays music like he means it, and his whole life is that way. Keep on pickin’ Bobby, and we’ll see you soon.Sandy MunroAspen

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