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Keep local economy strong

Dear Editor:I was surprised to hear that Mick Ireland has determined that an economic downturn would benefit Aspen. After I moved to Aspen in September of 2002, I noted front page articles in both daily papers detailing Aspen’s falling sales tax receipts. Local retailers were suffering and store fronts all over town were empty. Demands were made of city government to remedy the situation. Well, the government did take action, cooperating with local businesses and loosening regulation. Aspen is as vibrant as ever.An economic downturn will not only slow down construction in town, which seems to be the aim for this proposal. It will also hurt local retailers, restaurateurs and their many employees. Mick’s calling for a slowdown seems shortsighted at best. Tim Semrau has called for managed growth, a proposal which makes sense for everyone.Tim is an inclusive decision maker and a leader. He has a reasonable approach to government, which will benefit all of Aspen’s citizens. Vote Tim Semrau for mayor of Aspen.Lisa BakerAspen

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