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Keep it simple

Jeanne McGovern
The Aspen Times

On a recent morning hike up Smuggler, it occurred to me what makes spring so rejuvenating: it’s the spring cleaning.

I’m not talking about the cupboards and closets (though I do take great pleasure in cleaning out the piles of junk that have accumulated over the winter).

I’m talking about the gear. Cleaning out — and clearing out — the gear.

In the winter, my world feels like it’s filled with skis of all types, boots, poles, hockey sticks, skates, sleds, snowshoes, stabilicers, goggles — the list goes on and on. And while we could pare down, my family actually needs — and uses — all of these things.

But in the summer, all we really need are a pair of good shoes. The trails and mountains around us require nothing more than that to be explored and enjoyed.

Now I’d be lying if I said shoes were the only pieces of gear lying around my house right now. There is a lacrosse bag and three sticks in my son’s room and golf clubs on the deck; the rack out front has both road and mountain bikes in it and the storage closet is camping central.

But still, a weight is lifted when you realize all you need is a pair of good shoes to enjoy the day. Like I said, spring can be rejuvenating.