Keep it down, please |

Keep it down, please

Dear Editor:I’m writing to ask that more citizens and business owners let their feelings be known to the Carbondale police that we would like more enforcement of our noise ordinances, and to ask our citizens to be more courteous to others when driving around homes and businesses with their car stereos turned up.Perhaps the town could afford the small amount of money it would take to mail out a brief, bilingual reminder to our residents describing the noise ordinance and the fines for breaking it. Perhaps the police department could have an officer stand on any downtown corner a few times and hand out the reminder and/or a warning to the multitude of drivers who seem to think that everyone else is interested in hearing their private rock concert, def jam or fiesta.I enjoy loud music – and love driving down country roads with my car stereo cranked. I turn it down when I get into town limits, especially when driving past homes where people may be trying to rest. It seems there is a large and growing population of people who think it’s cool to drive laps around town blasting everyone else away, and the town should let these people know that they are not appreciated, regardless of their taste in music (or lack thereof).David JohnsonCarbondale